Apr. 11th, 2017 09:45 pm
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So, Dreamwidth is currently struggling to import my LJ, but I am kinda sorta moving over (same username).

I haven't yet worked out how to see a friends-feed equivalent there, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually....

I'm not planning to delete my LJ, at least not yet.


Mar. 19th, 2017 09:16 pm
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I discovered last Monday that I have now passed all of the exams required to be a UK patent attorney* (technicially, I can't call myself a patent attorney until the requisite paperwork has been finished for registration, but that's just a formality).

This means I do not have to do any exams in October, and actually have my summer back from revision!

This means I can get ferrets!

There are 101 other things I have also been putting off until after exams which I am now starting to work through... sorting the garden, getting the house redecorated, visiting my sister up norf, Filkers amongst you may have noticed that I was listed in Enharmonicon's PR1 as a committee member - I may be more commit-ish depending on further exam results, but fingers crossed!

Work-wise, it also means an increase in responsibility once I'm registered, but that hasn't quite happened yet; we'll see how it goes.

For now, it is very nice to not be revising in the evenings.  Since the end of European exams the week before last and UK results on the following Monday I have used this new-found time to have an electrician and plasterer around to sort out some pre-decoration jobs, research and find the ferret hutch I intend to get, tidy the garden to make space for it, blitz my box room to remove an around 3m-high stack of revision notes and assorted now-unneeded paperwork, do silly things to my fingernails, make cake, and start to arrange seeing people whom I have not seen in far too long due to revision eating spare time...

Still haven't quite picked up the harp yet, but I'll get there!

*I'm still waiting on results for the European patent attorney qualification, so don't yet know whether or not I'll still have exams to do next February.


Jan. 26th, 2015 04:44 pm
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I took today off work to have a long weekend with [livejournal.com profile] fhtagn, which was nice until I got back to Brum and found that some bastard had stolen my bike saddle, seat post and attached rear light connectors.  At least the bike itself was still there...

Following some swearing, traipsing around campus to find the security people to report it to (it was locked up at the university train station), walking the 20 minutes to Halfords and £40 on parts and some fitting faff, I am now back home with a functioning bike.

What I'm most miffed about is that my parents had got me a really good, top-of-the-(sensible)-range rear light for Christmas, and I now have no connector for it.  They don't sell new connectors separately.  Taking what is a worthless piece of plastic to the thief effectively cost me £50.


I am now home, with a functioning bike, and so I can get to work tomorrow/this week without an hour's walk each way.  Much as it sucks to need to, I am really lucky that I coud just go and spend an unexpected £40 on transport without worrying about how I'm going to afford dinner, for example.

Counting my blessings..... and trying to work out if I can reattach the light with duct tape......
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So, I know a fair few friends on here live, or have lived, in London.

I have been offered a job in London (starting October-ish, near Liverpool Street Station), and am trying to decide whether or not to accept.  I like having this decision/the offer, but am really not sure what to do.

My general thoughts on London can be summed up by "eww, expensive big city", but the job etc. looks good, and I know many people enjoy living there.

Any thoughts on things to consider appreciated....


Feb. 5th, 2013 11:04 am
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Much as I wouldn't normally post a link to the EDL, I think this one deserves some attention:


I quote:

Welcome to English Disco Lovers (EDL)

Welcome to our very own website, dedicated to spreading equality, respect and disco!

The English Disco Lovers (EDL) began life on Facebook and Twitter to gather support for our movement to overcome the English Defence League.

Our aims are very clear - we want to accumulate more likes than the English Defence League on Facebook as well as outranking them on Google. By doing this in a light-hearted way we aim to show them for what they really are - racist, outdated and the type you wouldn't invite to your disco.

Unus Mundas, Una Gens, Unus Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco)!

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So, I decided to create a Wordpress blog for crochet and cake-y stuff etc.  If you're interested, it's: http://weebleflip.wordpress.com/, you may have seen me linking to it from Facebook.

I don't plan to stop using LJ, just to put crafty stuff somewhere separate for ease (and LJ has been a bit more dodgy than usual recently, so I wanted somewhere more reliable for patterns and recipes).

Back to work tomorrow.... :S


[livejournal.com profile] aiwendel added a feed for the wordpress blog, score!

Just add this to your friends-list if you want pictures of cake and crocheted snow golems to appear occasionally....
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After a lovely holiday/birthday long-weekend in France with [livejournal.com profile] fhtagn I got in to work today to find a decorated cardboard box on my desk, labelled Happy Birthday [Weebleflip].

Inside were two home-made Discworld candles (A'Tuin, four elephants, and a disc with the wick coming out of the snowy mountain peak), and a "spare"/Fifth Elephant (albeit to a different scale, as it was a relic from a previous attempt that didn't quite work).

Oh, and another friend brought in cake!

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...in no particular order.  As it's miserable outside, and starting to crochet before I've finished eating my slice of ginger cake would be silly.

1. A friend and colleague of mine got interviewed by Kryten from Red Dwarf (albeit not in costume) on the subject of fuel cells.

2. My (+ [livejournal.com profile] fhtagn's) patent application is probably going to be abandoned due to a lack of commercial interest.  Not surprising, but it still smells.

3. This coming week I'll be flying Birmingham->Hamburg [Meeting] Hamburg-> Manchester, Manchester-> Beziers [Holiday] Beziers->Manchester.  Talk about bad timing. On the plus side, nice to make the most of a bank holiday coinciding with my 25th birthday to have a long weekend in France!

4.  I'm nearly a quarter of a century old.   How did that happen?!

5. Two good friends of mine, one of whom I've known since school days, got married last weekend.  Many wishes of happiness to them both!

6.  This is a nice ginger cake recipe, although I didn't bother with the icing (it really doesn't need it).

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It's been a couple of friends' birthdays recently, so naturally there was cake!

James' cake was an Alot of Brownie:


For those of you who have never come across Hyperbole and a Half I would strongly recommend at least reading the entry linked to there.  It explains the Alot, at least.

Rosie's was a butterfly cake:


The yellow icing misbehaved, but hey, it tasted fine!
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So, I was hurrying along a river-side path, which mainly consisted of wooden plank walkways and stairs, trying desperately to get to the statue of Morgthar, God of Storms, before the daleks behind me caught up.

My aim was to present him with an offering of three eggs (just normal, raw, fragile chicken eggs I was trying not to break in my rush) in an attempt persuade him to intervene and destroy the daleks' ship.  I seemed fairly confident that this would work.

I do worry sometimes.
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Heather Dales' "The Maiden and the Selkie" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hG5vJv0OEQ)

"..long have I loved you, as a selkie on the phone"
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After three trains, one plane and a tram, I arrived at Pierrelatte station at about half six on Thursday evening. About two minutes after sitting down outside the station, wondering how I would recognise my contact for the placement, Caroline, she drove up, waved, and took me shopping, and then to the studio flat I'll be staying in for the next eight weeks.
It's not very pretty... ) ...and about as stark inside, but it does the job. Caroline noticed at that point that they never had got around to getting any chairs! I'm perched on the sofa-bed to write this, with my laptop on the box the microwave came in.

Other parts are much prettier... )
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So, I have a tree in my garden that looks to me like it *might* be a plum tree.
It has yellowy-green, not-quite-ripe fruit on it that look and smell like plums.
It has reddy-brown bark and pointed-oval leaves around two inches long, with serrated edges.

There are pictures under the cut. )

So - is it a plum tree, green-fingered people on my f'list?  (or indeed damson)
If it is a plum tree, but maybe an ornamental one, does that mean the fruit will be not poisonous just not as nice (i.e. I can happily try them to find out...), or should I still avoid it?
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Having had rather a long and dull day in the lab (at least I can crochet between pressing buttons/opening a furnace door every 3.5 minutes.....) I got back to the office and found the following on my laptop keyboard...

Cut for being a picture, perfectly safe for work etc.! )
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Yesterday morning I woke up feeling tired... not because I’d slept badly, but because I’d had some really tiring dreams.  Is it just me who gets that?!

Aaanyway, they were both based around the coast; I’ve not been near the coast/watched/read anything involving the sea for a while.  I’m blaming Talis, as I’d had her Still Catch The Tide in my head the previous day...  :P

Hearing a slightly different version of that on AiirRadio last night reminded me of them.



Cut for wibbling about dreams.... )


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I have this Friday off, and plan to be in Cambridge for the Beer Festival... I have floorspace/accommodation sorted for Friday night, but can anyone offer me somewhere to stay the Saturday night?

Also, who's likely to be around when for more general meeting-up purposes?
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Eh, it has been a hectic few weeks!

Canada was good, after the first day and a bit.  I got to Montreal, with a migraine that had developed on the plane, to discover that my bag was still in Amsterdam.  This does not make me happy.  The weather was grey and miserable, and so, it seemed, was Montreal.

The bag turned up at 10pm-ish the next day... so just about enough time to panic about having to buy a week's worth of conference clothes without needing to in the end.  Luckily I'd split my holiday week 3 days before and 3 days after the conference.

I explored a fair bit, and began to enjoy it more, but was still very glad when the conference registration started and I actually had people to talk to who weren't shop/hotel/train assistants!  Much to my surprise, I re-met someone I'd spent some time one evening with at the Switzerland conference last year, and it turned out that not only was he in the same hotel, he had the room right next to mine! (It then turned out that Lisa, in his group, is a gamer, Lovecraft fan, and the book I was reading was by her favourite author...good company was found!)

My talk was terrifying, but seemed to go ok!  I got some positive feedback on being clear etc., and some interesting/interested questions. 

Post-conference, LBS came across from Toronto to meet up, which was lovely!  It had been far too long since I'd last seen her (wrong side of the pond and all that), plus it meant I had company on my birthday!

There were marmots ).
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1x small section of Maelstrom attended
2x bags packed for Canada

16 hours until I head off

It'll be the furthest I've flown alone/unmet at t'other end, and the first time I've spoken at an international conference, so, arghhh!


I should have internet access whilst I'm t'other side of the pond!
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So, I finally decided that I've made enough scarves and need to try something different crochet-wise. Small toys are clearly the way forward! (Ahem)

Pics under the cut )


Mar. 14th, 2011 11:08 am
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It's a friend's birthday today, so I made Cake ).

(pictures under the cut, so's not to eat friends page space and bandwidth)
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