Mar. 19th, 2017 09:16 pm
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I discovered last Monday that I have now passed all of the exams required to be a UK patent attorney* (technicially, I can't call myself a patent attorney until the requisite paperwork has been finished for registration, but that's just a formality).

This means I do not have to do any exams in October, and actually have my summer back from revision!

This means I can get ferrets!

There are 101 other things I have also been putting off until after exams which I am now starting to work through... sorting the garden, getting the house redecorated, visiting my sister up norf, Filkers amongst you may have noticed that I was listed in Enharmonicon's PR1 as a committee member - I may be more commit-ish depending on further exam results, but fingers crossed!

Work-wise, it also means an increase in responsibility once I'm registered, but that hasn't quite happened yet; we'll see how it goes.

For now, it is very nice to not be revising in the evenings.  Since the end of European exams the week before last and UK results on the following Monday I have used this new-found time to have an electrician and plasterer around to sort out some pre-decoration jobs, research and find the ferret hutch I intend to get, tidy the garden to make space for it, blitz my box room to remove an around 3m-high stack of revision notes and assorted now-unneeded paperwork, do silly things to my fingernails, make cake, and start to arrange seeing people whom I have not seen in far too long due to revision eating spare time...

Still haven't quite picked up the harp yet, but I'll get there!

*I'm still waiting on results for the European patent attorney qualification, so don't yet know whether or not I'll still have exams to do next February.
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